Sunday, February 19, 2017

Lemon Theme Flower Pot DIY

I love to do gardening, so this time I planted few lemon seeds, one came out very strong and healthy looking, so i decided to move it in bigger pot and not only bigger but prettier...

For this project you will need:

- blank clay pot (my pot was small - 3,5in high)
- acrylic paint (yellows, greens, brown, white, gold)
- brushes medium, small size (i used #8, 4, 1 and for fine lines #00)
- pencil
- Finish spray (Valspar Premium Finish, Gloss, Clear Top Coat)

1. Start with pencil drawing on the pot, don't push hard, very light and don't go into details, contour of lemons and leaves are jut fine. I had two lemons on opposite sides of the pot and between them i drew small paired leaves.

2. Fill that sketch with white acrylic paint, let it dry (this is very important step no skipping priming)) so next step will be much faster and colors will look much brighter with less coats).
3. Start painting yellows and greens. I started with lighter colors and then darker ones, add some shadow. I wouldn't recommend using a lot of water, just to rinse your brush when changing from one color to another, use paper towel to get extra water from your brush.  I used gold color for bottom and top trims. When it dries outline all details in black.
4. After that you probably could be done because paint is permanent. But i sprayed pot with clear top coat for better protection and glossy shine plus i think colors pop out.

Sooooo, get inspired and creative with your little flower beds!
Thank you :)

P.S. For step #2 I used Snow(Titanium) White Americana Acrylic Paint, Daler-Rowney Acrylic paint colors - Lemon Yellow, Deep Yellow, Orange, Leaf Green, Dark Green, Light Brown and 658E Antique Gold Metallic FolkArt.

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