Saturday, January 18, 2014

Easy Bead Bracelet

It's been a while sense I posted anything... well it's a new year and time to start back up. It was a good year of hand-making for me and learning new technique - bead embroidery. I love to do cross stitching, but I find bead embroidery easier and faster, piece comes really beautifully and stunning, the 3d effect works. I made 7 pictures with beads, you can check it out at needlework section. I'm working on my eighth picture right now and just can't stop. I opened my Etsy shop - ElockaCreations.

Today I have very beautiful and easy bead bracelet to make for you...

You will need:
3-5 bigger beads;
White elastic beading wire/string;
Bead needle;

How to:
1. You need about 1,5 meter of white elastic string or you can just keep it on the spool (like i do it... it helps for beads not to get off string and plus if string will be not enough - you can always roll off more).

    2. Using needle start putting beads... put big bead then about 30 smaller ones (you will have your number what will depend on your wrist size) then repeat it for 2 more times, connect it in circle by putting needle through first big bead. After you will make a circle it will be hard (but possible) to pull the string out, so get an idea of what length you need and roll it off.
    3. Then continue to put small beads between big beads, don't put the same amount of beads between - do 25-28-29-34, so it will look a little bit loose. I usually make 7 rounds all together.
    4. To finish it off - tie a double knot, to secure it make one more knot, cut string leaving 1-2 mm ends and tuck up inside big bead. It's done!

Enjoy making it and wearing it! Combine different colors to go with your outfit.  It also can be a nice gift!


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