Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Kelleys Island Sea Glass Memory Locket Necklace

    Kelleys Island is a very special place for me. It's a small rocky island in Ohio, USA located on one of the Great Lakes- Lake Erie. Very beautiful nature, magical atmosphere, so unreal... like a little paradise. For a girl from different country experience something like that was pretty impressive. I worked for 2 summers,  had so much fun with my friends and met my future husband  there.

    Anyway few years later i came back to KI... met more good people, had fun with my husband and our new island friends. But most of all I enjoyed walking with my 2 dogs Monster and LittleBoy, exploring the island, seeing places i already forgot all about, we picked a lot of sea glass on the beach and i decided to do something with it. 
I had a glass memory locket with little crystals and charm inside, so i took crystals out, kept the anchor charm then I picked smallest sea glass i found, different colors brown, blues, white, green, arranged them around and TA-DA! 
My very own KI Memory Locket Necklace!

P.S. You can buy memory locket necklace in any craft stores, I got it on e-Bay auction for only $1.  

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