Monday, May 21, 2012

Cute Little Purse

I made a nice summer hat for my friend’s daughter and I had a little bit yarn left, so I decided to crochet her a little purse to go with a hat. That was really bright and colorful yarn and purse looks really cute, I kind of want it too :)
It is simple to make, follow the pattern and crochet a rectangle, then fold it and sew sides, make a string long enough, sew the flower or button on and make a loop to hold top part from opening. Done!

Chain 45 (or number that divide by 15).
Follow the chart from the picture one time.
And then repeat row 2-5 over and over.

Use magic ring method or ch 4
Follow the chart from the picture.

I made a handle with i-cord, sew it to the sides.
Make a loop for the flower (just simple chain) to go over it.

Abbreviation Key:

 - slip  stitch (sl st)
 - chain (ch)
 - single crochet (sc)
- double crochet (dc)
- triple crochet (tr)

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