Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Easy-peasy scrunchy

Do you have leftovers from your projects? Then it's perfect for you!

It's fast to make, cute and holds hair really good. I used Palette Boa Flapper Yarn I call that yarn - curtains :) 

You will need 4 double point needles.  I used size 6.
With one needle cast on 12 sts.
Divide onto 3 needles (4 sts on each needle). Being careful not to twist the sts. And knit every row, till piece measures 8 inches. Bind off. 
Put elastic inside, you will need around 10 inches, tie a couple of knots, make sure it's secure. And sew knitted piece together in ring. Done. Enjoy making it and wearing it!


  1. Have just noticed you are following me. Thank you. Like your blog. Lots of lovely things to try. Will be back x

  2. Found your minions...and found you :) Thanks for following me!